At Floema Golf, we believe that the success of a golf course goes beyond the game itself. Every detail counts, and our Golf Shoe Cleaner is the answer to elevate your players’ experience.

A piece of equipment that stands out not only for its high technical and aesthetic quality but also because it has minimal maintenance. 

Dimensions: 1000x750x912 mm

Why Floema’s® golf shoe cleaner?

Durability and Superior Quality

The internal structure in Metallized Steel S235 JR is more than robust. It promises unwavering durability, even in the most challenging conditions.

The 10 mm thick HPL cladding is customizable to make your brand stand out with CNC/laser engraving and painting, ensuring that your golf course stands out for quality and its unique image.

Comfort for Players 

Brushed 304 Stainless Steel Grill and Drawer provide a flawless cleaning experience, allowing players to always look their best.

In addition, the 50-litre silent compressor and air gun (optional: 2 air guns) ensure that players’ shoes are always clean and ready for the next tee while enjoying a peaceful environment.

Style & Customization

In addition, the ABS levelling feet ensure stability and perfect adaptation to your space, while the custom-keyed lock on the compressor access door provides security and exclusivity.

On your golf course, it’s not just about offering an exceptional golfing experience; It’s about offering an environment that inspires confidence and elegance at every turn.

The Floema Golf Shoe Cleaner is the ultimate choice for those who care about excellence in every detail.

"Renovate your golf course equipment with Floema products and reduce maintenance costs"