The Royal directional sign for golf by Floema® is the guiding structure solution from the Royal line for golf courses.

Resulting from the combination of a brown recycled plastic structure and 6 mm phenolic compact board with CNC/laser engraved and painted information, this is undoubtedly the sturdiest, impact-resistant, modern, and elegant guiding solution in our Floema Golf line.

A perfect choice for modern and environmentally conscious golf courses and managers looking to save time and resources on the maintenance of their course signage.

In summary, it’s the perfect combination of sustainability, functionality, elegance, and customization. Choose Floema®’s Royal sign and ensure efficient guidance for your players while reaffirming your commitment to the environment and promoting your brand.

Discover our range of Floema Golf products. We have everything you need to create a more sustainable course and reduce maintenance costs for your equipment, furniture, and signage.

Height: 800 mm

Profile Section: 160x120mm

Board Dimensions: 140x800x6 mm

Why choose Floema®’s Royal directional sign for golf?

Sustainability comes first

We use recycled plastic made from waste directly from the yellow container for the production of our golf course solutions. By choosing recycled plastic, you not only reduce the amount of plastic in landfills but also conserve natural resources. In other words, choosing this solution contributes to environmental preservation.

Additionally, our phenolic compact board stands out for its sustainability. It is a highly durable raw material, resulting in an extended product lifespan, and it holds PEFC certification.

Durability and resistance

Both recycled plastic and phenolic compact boards have anti-rot, anti-fungal, and anti-UV properties. Moreover, these are raw materials resistant to corrosion and capable of withstanding exposure to the elements without compromising their structural integrity.

Precise and visible communication

High-precision CNC/laser engraving allows for the integration of custom and detailed designs with exceptional legibility.

Furthermore, the use of high-durability two-component polyurethane paint enhances communication effectiveness and provides greater versatility and customization potential to this support.

The elegance and modernity of the Royal line

Besides its exceptional functionality, our directional beacon boasts an elegant and contemporary design. The combination of brown recycled plastic with the phenolic compact information board creates an image that exudes sophistication while seamlessly integrating into the natural environment of the golf course.

Easy installation and maintenance-free

Unlike conventional materials like wood or metal, the materials used in this beacon do not require maintenance work to preserve their technical integrity and aesthetic quality.

The directional beacon is easy to install because of its appropriate dimensions and weight, making it easy to position anywhere on the course.

"Renovate your golf course equipment with Floema products and reduce maintenance costs"
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