Floema produces recycled plastic marker posts needed for signaling cycling routes, such as mountain biking and enduro routes. Besides being eco-friendly, these signs are also strong, highly durable and maintenance-free.

These supports, in which the directional connection, warning and special signaling plates are integrated, are produced in recycled plastic profile with a 45×130 mm section. The beacons have a negative for cycling directional plates and a simple CNC/laser logo engraving.

It can be added to the signs, in the recycled plastic marker posts, stickers in vinyl to identify the path and its level of difficulty.

Cycling marker posts are available in other materials:

  • In 13mm HPL, 1300x120mm, phenolic compact markings embedded in the sign, with unpainted logo engraving.

Floema® sustainable cycling markers are produced in accordance with the regulations in force in the country of installation.

“Toda a sinalética é produzida de acordo com o Regulamento de Homologação de Centros de Ciclismo / BTT, da Federação Portuguesa de Ciclismo (UVP/FPC)."
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