Discover the sustainable golf ball storage solution that’s perfect for your golf course! Introducing our innovative Range Ball Storage Box, made with high-quality and durable materials, capable of storing up to 5000 golf balls.

Designed with a sturdy structure in metallic-painted steel, brown recycled plastic profiles with a 70×70 mm section, and 6 mm thick exterior phenolic compact, this storage box offers unparalleled durability.

It’s the ideal choice for those seeking robustness, aesthetic quality, and savings in time and resources when it comes to maintaining golf course equipment.

Dimensions: 900x600x600 mm

In summary, as specialists in golf products, we understand the importance of offering high-quality solutions that meet the specific needs of golf courses. Our Range Ball Storage Box is the ideal choice to enhance organization and the training experience at the Driving Range.

Explore Floema Golf’s products. Find everything you need to make your course more sustainable and reduce maintenance costs for equipment, furniture, and signage.

Why choose Floema®’s Range Ball Storage Box?

Sustainability comes first

We prioritize recycled plastic produced from waste directly sourced from the yellow container for the production of our golf course solutions. By choosing recycled plastic, you not only reduce the amount of plastic in landfills but also conserve natural resources. In other words, by choosing this solution, you contribute to environmental preservation.

Additionally, our phenolic compact stands out for its sustainability. It holds PEFC certification, ensuring high durability, which extends the product’s lifespan and, consequently, reduces its carbon footprint.

High resistance and maintenance-free

In addition to its aesthetic quality, the materials comprising this product excel in their technical qualities. Both recycled plastic and phenolic compact, metallic-painted steel, and stainless steel are materials that resist decay, fungi, UV rays, and have high impact resistance. Therefore, we obtain a highly durable product that can withstand exposure to the elements without requiring maintenance, allowing you to save time and resources.

Elegance and modernity

Customization is one of our strong points. You can create a unique and exclusive piece for your golf course thanks to the variety of colors and textures available in our phenolic compact. Additionally, there’s the possibility of CNC/laser engraving and personalized painting. We can add your golf course’s logo, club name, or any other relevant information.

A functional range ball storage box

With a storage capacity of up to 5000 balls, the Range Ball Storage Box meets your training needs without compromising available space. Its design includes gas dampers for smooth and controlled opening and closing of the lid, while stainless steel hinges and lock bar ensure security and high durability protection.

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