Floema® customised golf posts are a high-quality solution for golf courses. This is because, as well as being a sustainable solution, they also offer superior stability and the opportunity to endow your course with unique supports.

This is a solution in brown recycled plastic with a 90×90 mm section and internal reinforcement that not only stands out for its strength and durability, but also for its high aesthetic quality. Certified non-toxic and with anti-fungal and anti-rot properties, the personalised golf pole is an ecological and maintenance-free solution.

Total heightFree height
2500 mm2100 mm
2900 mm2500 mm

Why choose the Floema® customised post?

High quality and resistant recycled plastic

Made from plastics sourced from the yellow recycling bins, the recycled plastic post is produced in such a way as to guarantee the high quality, robustness and resistance of the support.

The internal reinforcement provides superior stability, allowing the post to withstand adverse weather conditions and other impacts inevitable on a golf course.

Environmental sustainability

By opting for recycled plastic, you have contributed not only to the reduction of plastic in landfill sites, but also to the preservation of natural resources. Choosing this post means making a commitment to sustainability and highlighting your golf course in the context of environmental awareness.

What’s more, Floema® recycled plastic is certified as non-toxic.

Durability and low maintenance

Unlike wood or metal, recycled plastic is a material that, even when exposed to the elements, doesn’t splinter, rot, rust or deteriorate. What’s more, they require little maintenance, which saves time and resources.

Personalisation and exclusivity

We understand the importance of a unique visual identity for your golf course. That’s why we offer the option of customising the posts according to your preferences.

In other words, from choosing the colours to CNC/laser engraving and painting the logo or field name on phenolic compact, our pole can be customised to reflect your brand’s unique identity.

Create a consistent and professional image for your golf course with our customised posts. A high-quality, durable and resistant solution that not only demonstrates your commitment to environmental sustainability but also allows you to communicate your brand.

Get in touch and find out how our customised posts can add a touch of exclusivity to your golf course.

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