"O Stratimage® é um compacto fenólico, ou laminado de alta pressão (HPL), que permite a inclusão de uma impressão digital personalizada na sua estrutura. Tem uma garantia de 10 anos"

The interpretative display model Floema gives an image of delicacy and little robustness. However, the quality and resistance of the materials used, guarantee the durability of this product.

Innovative and effective communication support whose design not only contemplates aesthetic value factors but also makes up an element whose design facilitates the reading of contents.

Also known as landscape readers, this communication element is very useful for marking places of high landscape value. Designed with a structure in recycled plastic composed of 2 profiles with 160×80 section and a top to exhibit the information in:

  • 13 mm thick outdoor HPL with vinyl printing;
  • Stratimage® (compact phenolic with laminated digital printing) with 8 mm of thickness; with a 10-year warranty.

Whether to communicate geological information or expose facts about the surrounding biodiversity, this product is ideal for trails, parks, or any natural areas.

It may also be used to communicate cultural or historical information, which makes this an essential touristic resource for the enhancement of local heritage, as well as to raise awareness of its conservation.

The interpretative display model Floema is a product that stands out for its sustainability, durability, functionality, and maintenance-free characteristic.