We have developed the ideal golf informative totem for any course. With a classic and timeless design, this is a solution that stands out not only for its aesthetic and technical qualities but also for its sustainability.

Produced with a brown recycled plastic structure and a 10 mm outdoor phenolic compact plate with CNC/laser engraving and painting, this information totem ensures effective and personalized communication anywhere on the golf course.

A totem that is not only functional but also ecological, which allows you to elevate the players’ experience and highlight brands.

Total height: 2200mm

Free height: 1800mm

Sign dimensions: 700x1200x10mm

Why Floema’s® golf informative totem?

Sustainability is the watchword

At Floema® we always work through the development and production of sustainable solutions, whether for the provenance, longevity and properties of the materials used.

Firstly, we are committed to recycled plastic as the main raw material for the production of our solutions for golf courses. This is because, being a material that derives from the waste collected in the yellow recycling bin, it allows for the reduction of the concentration of plastics in landfills and saves natural resources.

Secondly, the longevity of the raw materials used, whether from recycled plastic or phenolic compact, allows for an extension of the life of this product.

Finally, the non-toxicity and PEFC certifications of recycled plastic and phenolic compact, respectively, provide additional sustainability value.

Durability and resistance in a single product

Creating a sustainable product also involves ensuring that it will not need to be replaced in a short period of time. For this reason, we use materials with properties that retain their technical properties despite exposure to the elements.

Anti-rot, anti-fungus, resistance to UV rays and corrosion, are just some of the characteristics that make recycled plastic and phenolic compact the raw materials for the production of golf course signage.

Save time and resources with a maintenance-free solution

On the one hand it is important to ensure good communication for your players, on the other hand it is necessary that this is not a constant concern for golf course managers.

That is, our information totem is produced with maintenance-free materials allowing you to save time and resources in the management of your signage.

Personalization that makes your field stand out

We know that golf course managers and architectural firms and construction companies specialising in golf course development are constantly looking for solutions that bring additional value to the course and make their facilities stand out.

With our information totem, you will be offering a unique golf experience to your players, while providing important and useful information at each stage of the course.

The variety of colors and textures of the phenolic compact, when combined with the versatility provided by high-precision CNC/laser engraving, results in the possibility of producing a unique solution for your field.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to differentiate your golf course while affirming your commitment to the environment. Sustainably communicate hours of operation, field rules, and other relevant information.

Explore all the solutions in our Floema Golf range and find sustainable solutions in the areas of furniture, equipment and signage. Ask for your personalized proposal today that will allow you not only to reduce maintenance costs, but also to build a more eco-friendly field.

"Renew your course signage and reduce maintenance costs with our products"