“Renovate your golf course signage with our personalised products and reduce maintenance costs"

Having effective and sustainable communication on a golf course is easy with our golf information sign. A solution that stands out not only for its resistance, durability, and sustainability but also for its customization and versatility.

The Floema® golf information sign is a support with an excellent price-quality ratio, made of 8 mm thick exterior HPL, with CNC/laser engraving and painting, and a reinforced brown recycled plastic post.

The Floema® golf information sign is an opportunity to differentiate your course while reinforcing your commitment to the environment. Stand out by choosing an exclusive, functional, and effective wayfinding signage solution, while opting for a sturdy and highly durable support.

Explore all the solutions in our Floema Golf range and find sustainable solutions in the areas of furniture, equipment, and signage. Request your personalised proposal today, which and start reducing maintenance costs and building a more eco-friendly course.

Post dimensions: 90x90x2000 mm

Hight: 1500 mm

Plate dimensions: 300x500x8 mm

Why Floema® Golf Information Sign

Sustainability above all

At Floema®, we always work towards the development and production of sustainable solutions, whether it’s about the origin, longevity, or properties of the materials we use.

Firstly, we focus on recycled plastic as the primary raw material for producing our solutions for golf courses. This is because, as a material derived from waste collected in the yellow recycling bins, it helps reduce the concentration of plastics in landfills and saves natural resources.

Secondly, the longevity of the materials used, whether recycled plastic or phenolic compact, extends the product’s lifespan.

Lastly, the non-toxicity and PEFC certifications of our recycled plastic and our HPL, respectively, add an additional layer of sustainability.

A highly durability and superior strength

Creating a sustainable product also means ensuring that it won’t need replacement in a short period. For this reason, we use materials with properties that preserve their technical characteristics despite exposure to the elements.

Effective communication is only possible if it remains visible. That’s why we combine HPL with CNC/laser engraving technology to ensure that information is presented clearly and legibly, regardless of weather conditions, sunlight, or time.

Anti-rot, anti-fungal, UV resistance, and corrosion resistance are just some of the features that make recycled plastic and phenolic compact the ideal raw materials for producing golf course signage.

The recycled plastic post with internal reinforcement gives this information board superior stability and resistance to impacts from buggies or golf balls.

A maintenance-free solution

On one hand, it’s important to ensure good communication for your golfers, but on the other hand, it should not be a constant concern for golf course managers.

Our information board is made from materials that require no maintenance, allowing you to save time and resources in managing golf signage.

We don’t compromise on aesthetic value

Functionality is a fundamental part of our product design. However, this doesn’t mean neglecting aesthetics.

We offer a wide range of color and texture options that allow for the creation of a customized design that adapts to any golf course.

We have a specialized design team committed to working together to find the ideal solution.

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