Simple, effective, functional, and sustainable: these are the words that describe the Floema® recycled plastic golf buggy/trolley sign.

A high-quality solution designed to facilitate navigation on any golf course and thereby contribute to a better player experience.

A 25 mm thick brown recycled plastic sign with CNC cutting and 3 mm composite aluminum plates with information in laminated polymeric vinyl on both sides.

It also includes 2 M6 metal spikes for ground attachment, making installation and removal of the informational support easy.

The Floema® golf buggy/trolley sign is undeniably a sustainable, versatile, and functional solution. A small element that can be an asset in building an exclusive golf course.

Explore all the solutions in our Floema Golf range and find sustainable solutions in the areas of furniture, equipment, and signage. Request your personalized proposal today to not only reduce maintenance costs but also build a more eco-friendly course.

Dimensions: 300×130 mm

Impression dimensions: 270×100 mm

Why choose the Floema® buggy/trolley sign?

Reinforce your commitment to the environment

At Floema®, sustainability comes first. We’ve chosen recycled plastic as the primary raw material to develop our golf solutions, not only for its technical characteristics but also for its environmental impact.

As a material directly sourced from post-consumer waste in the yellow bin, we contribute to reducing the concentration of post-consumer plastics in landfills. This upcycling is not only environmentally beneficial but also helps us conserve natural resources.

Additionally, Floema® recycled plastic is certified non-toxic, making it the ideal choice to avoid compromising the fauna and flora on your golf course.

Durability and resilience through simplicity

Creating a sustainable product also means ensuring that it won’t need to be replaced in a short period. That’s why we use materials with properties that preserve their technical characteristics despite exposure to the elements.

Effective communication is only possible if it’s visible, which is why we rely on laminated polymeric vinyl— an excellent cost-effective solution that ensures information is presented clearly and legibly, regardless of weather conditions and sunlight.

But the durability and resilience of this solution are not solely due to this material. Anti-rot, anti-fungal, UV resistance, and corrosion resistance are just some of the characteristics that make recycled plastic the ideal raw material for golf course signage.

Uma placa de instalação fácil e que dispensa manutenção

As we’ve mentioned, the use of metal spikes for installing this buggy/trolley sign allows for quick and easy installation at any point on the golf course, as well as easy relocation within it. Quick and easy installation and removal save you time.

Furthermore, the durability and maintenance of the technical and aesthetic properties of the materials despite exposure to the elements are guaranteed.

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