The Flag Tee Sign is a product that combines sustainability, durability, resistance, and customization.

A sign for the tee area, well-known for its design and the quality-to-price ratio it offers. It’s a simple and functional signage solution that can be used on any golf course.

It combines a reinforced brown recycled plastic post with a 10 mm thick plate made of HPL, with CNC/laser engraved and painted information, or Personalised HPL.

Additionally, the plate in HPL with engraving includes a pocket for embedding a map in laminated polymeric vinyl.

Provide a unique experience while reinforcing your commitment to the environment and saving on the maintenance of your course’s signage. This is a solution that allows you to add a touch of elegance, standing out as a visually striking and technically valuable landmark.

Explore our Floema Golf range and discover sustainable solutions in the areas of furniture, equipment, and signage to reduce maintenance costs and make your course more eco-friendly.

Plate dimensions: 350x600x10 mm

Post dimensions: 90x90x2250 mm

Hight: 1800 mm

Why choose the Floema® Flag Tee Sign?

Reinforce your environmental commitment

At Floema®, sustainability is always a top priority in the development of our products. We select raw materials based on their origin, longevity, and properties. For example, in the case of our recycled plastic, it’s produced from materials collected from yellow recycling bins. This upcycling of waste not only reduces plastic waste in landfills but also conserves natural resources. Moreover, its non-toxic certification allows this raw material to be integrated into golf courses without harming wildlife or flora.

Our exterior HPL and personalised HPL also have PEFC certification and technical properties that give them high durability, even against adverse natural agents.

All these materials are highly durable. Therefore, using them to produce this tee totem extends the product’s lifespan and consequently reduces its carbon footprint.

Durability and resistance for the demands of golf courses

Durability and resistance go beyond just preventing the product from deteriorating. A durable and long-lasting product is one that retains its technical and aesthetic properties over time, even when exposed to adverse conditions, effectively fulfilling its purpose.

This solution possesses characteristics that make it perfect for outdoor environments. The anti-UV, anti-rot, and anti-fungal properties, as well as resistance to impact, of both the recycled plastic and phenolic compact, make them ideal raw materials for producing solutions for golf courses.

Moreover, the recycled plastic post with internal reinforcement provides superior stability against potential impacts from balls or buggies.

Maintenance-free communication

Through advanced CNC/laser engraving technology and the quality and durability of our painting, we ensure high aesthetic quality. More importantly, the communicated information remains visible even from a distance and over time. This ensures precise guidance to guarantee the safety of your players on the course.

Regarding personalised HPL, an option of phenolic compact with high-quality stratified digital imagery, it guarantees that the quality of the image integrated into the structure remains preserved for a minimum of 10 years.

Additionally, the high durability of our materials and the ability to retain their initial aesthetic properties save you time and resources when it comes to maintenance since they require none.

The exclusivity of a unique tee sign

When it comes to creating an exclusive experience on your golf course, every detail matters. This is why our Flag Tee Sign can be customized to meet your specific needs.

The multitude of colors and textures available for our phenolic compact, as well as the customization potential of the personalised HPL, allows for the creation of unique signage solutions. If you don’t find a standard model that fits your course, our specialized design team is ready to work with you to find the ideal solution.

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