Precision has never been so sustainable as with Floema®’s recycled plastic distance panel for the driving range.

A functional, highly durable, and quality solution for any driving range, optimizing your players’ training.

This is a distance panel made from a 25 mm thick brown recycled plastic sheet, with CNC cutting and embossing for low relief and paint for better visibility of the information.

Dimensions: 800x1050x25 mm

Warranty: 5 years

Brown recycled plastic1
Brown recycled plastic2

We are committed to providing long-lasting solutions to contribute to the conservation of natural resources and maximize your investment. Choose a sustainable solution with high durability and resistance for your driving range.

Explore our Floema Golf products. Find everything you need to make your course more sustainable and reduce equipment, furniture, and signage maintenance costs.

Why choose Floema®’s distance sign for your driving range?

Reinforce your commitment to sustainability

At Floema®, we prioritize sustainability. We use recycled plastic as the primary raw material, utilizing materials from the yellow recycling bin. This reduces the concentration of plastics in landfills. We promote upcycling and save natural resources. Additionally, our recycled Floema® plastic certification ensures that it is non-toxic, preserving the fauna and flora of golf courses.

A panel that offers high-resistance

This is an essential factor in any signage support for the driving range. Golf courses test the resistance of distance signs daily, from continuous exposure to the elements to the impact of golf balls.

Recycled plastic proves to be the ideal material for driving range signage production because of its high impact resistance and anti-UV, anti-rot, and anti-fungal properties.

Precise and visible communication

Through CNC cutting and low-relief engraving technology, we ensure unparalleled precision in marking distances. Golfers can easily view the information they need to adjust their shots and improve their technique, making every practice session more productive and efficient.

Additionally, the high-quality paint applied to the distance panel not only ensures exceptional durability, even in adverse weather conditions but also provides greater visibility for the engraved numbers on the panel.

Easy installation and maintenance-free

Unlike conventional materials such as wood or metal, the materials of this totem do not require maintenance to preserve their technical integrity and aesthetic quality. Save time, and resources, and optimize your investments.

The designers have designed the distance sign for simple and efficient installation, and its appropriate dimensions and weight allow anyone to easily position it anywhere on the driving range.

"Renew Your Golf Course with Sustainable and Highly Durable Solutions and Reduce Maintenance Costs"