"O Compacto Fenólico, ou laminado de alta pressão (HPL), é constituído por resinas termoendurecíveis, reforçadas com fibras de celulose e fabricadas sob altas temperaturas e pressões.”

Floema’s directional signs- religious routes in HPL are orientation support that stands out not only for its resistance and durability but also for its aesthetic quality. Besides guaranteeing the pilgrims’ orientation, these products are maintenance-free, making them perfect for natural and remote environments.

The signs can be attached directly to existing supports or a post in recycled plastic of high quality, resistance, and durability (not included). In other words, although the fixing system is defined according to each client’s specifications, including a pole allows the element to be installed on soil, rock, or sand.

In case a pole is used, the directional signs – religious routes can be installed either with a built-in fixation system or with the use of clamps. These 650×125 mm directional signs are produced in 10mm thick HPL with CNC/laser engraving and polyurethane paint painting, one side or two sides.

In short, these are directional signs for religious routes with high resistance and anti-UV, anti-rot, and anti-graffiti properties. A directional signage element that integrates perfectly into the landscape.