The Bike Station Low Tech by Floema® is an essential piece of equipment for any cycling center, MTB, bike paths or Bikotel’s, as it provides all the necessary services for maintaining bicycles.

The Bike Station Low Tech consists of a structure built with recycled plastic profiles, covered with exterior HPL panels. Therefore, not only do we obtain a resistant product, but it also provides the possibility of customization according to the client’s specifications.

The low tech equipment includes not only a manual bike wash point, but also a manual tire filling system, repair point with bike and tool holder, and drinking water point.


  • Unique unit for repairing and washing;
  • Design that allows integration into the landscape;
  • Structure resistant to corrosion and vandalism, does not rot and, as a result, remains unalterable and unassailable by parasites and fungi;
  • Structure resistant to shock, as well as to rupture and abrasion;
  • Easy cleaning (graffiti, etc.) and easy installation.

Technical Characteristics

  • Height: 1500 mm;
  • Profiles 160×80 mm of brown recycled plastic;
  • Coated with 10 mm phenolic compact panels;
  • Includes Toolbox: workshop for small repairs and tire filling and bicycle stand with two positions (saddle or frame). Tools available fixed by steel cable: manual air pump, disassemblies, hex and torx kit, pedal wrench, spoke wrench and chain unlocker;
  • Includes Bike Wash: push-button operated equipment for washing bicycles;
  • May include galvanized steel drain gutter and recycled plastic grates.