Floema’s® recycled plastic golf bag stand is the perfect solution to elevate your players’ experience.

Combining sustainability and functionality, we produce the Bag Stand in high-quality recycled plastic and compact outdoor phenolic, that is a guarantee of durability and resistance and that does not require maintenance.

The 10mm phenolic compact top plate is customized with CNC/laser engraving and painting so that it has a unique golf bag holder.

Structure section: 35×120 mm

Height: 800 mm

Width: 490 mm

Length: 614 mm

Why Floema’s® Recycled Plastic Bag Stand?

A sustainable product made of recycled plastic

We are committed to environmental sustainability and therefore use recycled plastic as the main raw material. Produced with plastic from the yellow container, this material stands out on the one hand for its provenance, which allows to reduce plastic in landfills and save natural resources, on the other hand for its non-toxicity certification.

In addition, our phenolic compact, known for its durability, weather resistance and low maintenance, grants an extra sustainability factor due to its PEFC certification.

Synonymous of durability and resistance

We are committed to developing products that are not only synonymous with sustainability and durability, but also with low maintenance.

Each material used in the production of this golf bag holder has been chosen for its technical properties against the elements. In other words, both recycled plastic and phenolic compact are ideal raw materials for outdoor garments as they have anti-fungal, anti-rot and anti-UV properties. Therefore, they are materials that, unlike the most conventional ones, do not change over time, saving time and resources because they do not require maintenance.


The functionality of Floema’s® recycled plastic Bag Stand is second to none. This is because it has a smart and compact design, and offers a stable base for the golf bag, keeping it elevated and making it easier to access equipment. The sturdy structure ensures safety and stability, even on uneven terrain.

Assembling the Bag Stand is quick and simple, making it easy to transport and install wherever it is needed.

Customization to meet your needs

In addition, Floema’s® Bag Stand is fully customizable to suit your needs and style of your field. The combination of the various options of colors, finishes and even the addition of the brand’s logo, results in an exclusive support that reflects the identity of each field.

Bet on the quality, sustainability and personalization of the Floema® Bag Stand to take your golf game to a new level.

"With 1 Bag Stand we recycle 1429 plastic cups"
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